Things to do on oahu
Things To Do On Oahu

Find the best Oahu has to offer!
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Things To Do On Oahu

Top 10 Oahu Activities

1. North Shore Shark Adventure

2. X-Treme Parasail

3. Paradise Cove Luau

4. Dolphin Adventure

5. Star of Honolulu Sunset Dinner Cruise

6. Kualoa Ranch ATV Ride

7. Oahu Bike & Hike Adventure

8. Oahu Bumper Tube & Banana Boat

9. Hanauma Bay Snorkel Tour

10. Surf n Sea Standup Paddle Lesson

Things To Do On Oahu


Best Sushi Places On Oahu

Sushi is a favorite in Hawaii and compared to many other vacation cities, may be a little less expensive. The quality and the way it is prepared is very professional. Some of the sushi spots listed below are revolving sushi bars where you are charged per plate. Make sure you choose a good sushi place. There are those out there that are less recommended. Remember, if sushi has a fishy scent, it's not fresh!

  1. Genki Sushi
  2. Kozo Sushi
  3. Tadashi
  4. Kabuki
  5. Kuru Kuru Sushi

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